Are your Systems Geo-Redundant?

How much money are you losing every time your systems go offline?

I am offering professional Linux and Unix IT support services around Texas, and across the world.

System Administrators are the “jack of all trades” in the computer world. We’re often called on to do everything from networking and virtualization to databases and security audits. We do it all in an easily reproducible methodology and facilitates a knowledge transfer.

Going even further into the System Administration role is my specialization in High Availability Solutions. Today’s market requires solutions that are not just maximized for uptime efficiency, but also wholly geo-redundant. When you lose money every time you are off-line, you need to make sure it never happens.

Solutions need to include virtualization to ensure that no one piece of hardware is a single point of failure. Multiple data-centers, to assure that no one network, be that power or IP, is a single point of failure. And Multi-Active database configurations ensure that each cluster is self-sustaining if the other cluster is off-line.